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We have just moved in to a new house and the integrated garage has been converted in to a lounge of sorts. It's a long room but narrow and we need to agree on where to put te TV. There are existing sockets and cables chased in to wall near the door but they are very high and would need to be moved to to be behind a TV. The problem we have is the electricity meter and circuit breaker box have been left in a cupboard in the middle of the room. We will get some quotes to move this eventually but my preference is to have the TV on a bracket near the window that we will pull out and swivel toward the sofa when in use. There will be a corner sofa in here eventually that goes under curve to the window so not ideal but this won't be the main TV room. My wife wants it on the right of the cabinet so everyone can see it of we have a few people over. Both ideas are good but is there a better solution anyone can think of? Thanks 😊


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Excuse the mess! You can see the cupboard in the middle of the wall. Removing it won't be easy or cheap so it stays for now.


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One of the many problems with mounting the TV on a bracket that you pull out is that your surround sound speakers will not match where the TV is.

Equally, mounting it on the wall, while the best option, will require the cabinet to be moved to allow for the mounting of speakers to the sides. But it will allow you to place all of your speakers effectively, and correctly, placed.

TL;DR move the cabinet first, then fix your TV on the wall, with your speakers arranged appropriately.

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