New house build need some cable advice


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We have an electrician in to start cabling our house up next week and i`m a bit lost for how to connect things up.

I`ve asked to have cables running upstairs from the lounge to the study and bedroom.
The cable run is 15metres between the lounge and the study. I`m thinking of using cat6 cable with hdmi extenders to send the signal from the media pc in the study downstairs to the TV.
I will also need internet connection that comes into the lounge to go upstairs to the study. Can I ask if I need 2 cat6 cables for the hdmi extenders and then another for the internet connection? Or is there an easier way. Issue is space as I only have one spare 10mm flexible conduit from the two rooms to put networking cables into. so not sure if it will all fit.

Layout is something like this...
Playstation 3

Media PC
Internet / Router?

Cat5 cable with internet to TV + Apple TV

Thanks alot

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