New Hororr Drama on UK TV!


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This may be of interest to some of you.

Stephen King has created a new 13-part horror drama for TV called "Kingdom Hospital", which is loosely adapted from Lars Von Trier's epic TV mini-series "The Kingdom" and "The Kingdom II". (Also known as "Riget" and "Riget II".)

It started in the US in March 2004, but now comes to the UK, via the BBC! :clap:

Transmission times will be as follows:
- Sunday nights at 10pm on BBC3, starting Sunday 2nd May.
- Sunday nights at 10pm also, on BBC2, starting Sunday 9th May.

Each episode will premiere once on BBC3, and then be repeated the following Sunday evening (once only) on BBC2, just like the BBC did with "24"!

Full episode details can be accessed here..

I presume the BBC3 showings will be DOG'd, :thumbsdow , but the BBC2 ones won't! :thumbsup:

Oh, and although Episodes 1 and 13 were shown in two-hour-slots, if you discount the adverts, these episodes last just 75 minutes each. All other episodes (2 through 12) are 45 minutes each, minus ads.

The show has had a mixed reception, with some saying that it's amazing, whilst others stating it's King's worst project to date. I guess UK horror fans will now get the chance to make up their own minds!

Enjoy! Oh, and just before anyone asks, YES, the DVD series of Season 1 in its entireity will be released in the USA in October 2004!



Originally posted by Hawklord
What do you mean by DOG'd:confused:

please enlighten me:lease:
Digital Onscreen Graphics, or if you do not know what that is, LOGO’s


I watched it last night and was under whelmed to say the least. They seem to make OTT.

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