New Honda Civic Aux input?

Dave Taylor

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Think of getting a new Civic, there is an CD/Aux button on the dash does anybody know if and aux socket can be fitted and how easy.

I am getting conflicting stories from the dealers.

The new Jazz has the same (CD/Aux button) but thay have a socket marked Aux next to the Cigarette socket but I cant see the same on the Civic.

Regards, Dave

Dave Taylor

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Had a look at one in a showroom today, could not see one?

Cant believe they put one on the Jazz but not the new Civic?

Dave Taylor

Active Member
For anybody looking for this like me.

I have found out from Honda that as of Sep 06 the new Civic does not have an aux input. There maybe a socket on the back for a boot 6 cd changer hence the Aux button on the dash. But the radio is not easy to get at.

So it may be a FM modulator.

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