New Home Theatre System - Need Help

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by wasabi1069, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Great forum!

    Im kind've a newbie when it comes to connecting components, but after speaking with a few ppl and doing some research I thought maybe it was time to go for it.

    im so preplexed, so any help would be appreciated

    Heres what I have:
    Sharp Aquos 37" full 1080i/1080p
    Toshiba SD6000 DVD (1080i capable)
    Marantz SR5001 receiver
    Rogers HD cable box
    Kef 3005.2

    What I've done:
    The Marantz has 1 HDMI going to the television, with the cable and dvd(via HDMI) connected to the Marantz. Speakers are all hooked up to the receiver as well.

    What Works:
    TV - I can watch HD with the Kef's coming into play.
    Tuner - radio is good

    The Problem:
    DVD - when I switch the Marantz to DVD, and begin playing movies, i only get partial sound and picture - the screen actually flickers with a pink'ish screen.

    Trouble Shooting:
    I've re-checked all my connections - wires
    I've set my dvd to 1080i, and bitstream
    I've set my receiver on HDMI for the DVD
    I know both the DVD and HDMI cable is working b/c when I connect the DVD directly to the television, both work find (tv and dvd player).

    Is there anything else I missed


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