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Hi folks, I'm planning a new Home Theatre Atmos build shortly but after reading through loads of threads I'm a little confused on the best way forward. I currenty have a 5.1 setup but looking at changing to 5.1.2 or 5.1.4.

Currently I have a Denon 2113 receiver and MS speakers, these will be getting replaced. I have already purchased Polk Audio in-wall speakers (265rt's for L/R and 255-c-rt for C). I have a BK Elec XXLS400-DF sub I currently use which I will also use in my new setup.

All AV equipment apart from TV will be housed in a cupboard upstairs ( I may leave this open-ended for airflow or I will add some quiet fans to increase airflow if I decide to close it off).

Need help on receiver, surround speakers, remote control/IR Extender options and Atmos Speakers.

I will have around 2-2½k to spend.

Looking at Yamaha RX-A2060, A3060 or this years equivalent. Also considering the Marantz SR7011, although from reviews it seems Yamaha get less hot and are a preferred choice for sound quality. Your thoughts?.

Sofa will be hard against rear wall. I have a parrot who will land on and chew anything that he can land on, so Ideally I would prefer in-wall. However looking at it I only have approx 3 inchs between joint plasterboard walls (most in-wall options seems to need 3¾ inchs depth). I could possibly build a small frame to accommodate this. What's your thoughts?. Also should I go Bipole or just standard rear surrounds, not sure if I can even get in-wall Bipoles?. I could do on-wall but I would prefer everything tucked neatly away if possible and avoid chewing issues.

ATMOS Speakers
I'll be dropping the ceiling approx 6 inchs with plasterboard to accommodate downlights and to flush off a beam, so would you recommend anything speakers in particular and would you go for 2 or 4 atmos speakers?.

What's the best way to control all equipment from the sofa. I will likely have my receiver, SkyQ, Freesat, Android box and Bluray player (maybe) all upstairs, with the TV the only equipment with a direct line to the remote. I would prefer to have something that is future proof should I need to add another device. I've noticed threads on Harmony hub and IR extenders but what would be your advice?.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any advice you can give.


Peter Parker

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Is it a lounge or a semi dedicated room?

I was just thinking if a 1" deep 'column' would give you the extra depth you want without taking up too much room space.Or just make an inch deep open backed box so they look like on-wall speakers maybe? Then you can get the same or similar speakers you have for the fronts as you already know what they sound like. Coax speakers are often recommended for Atmos so you could get all the same speakers for surround and Atmos

I would try and go for 4 Atmos if possible, but f the sofa is against the rear wall, 2 may work better.


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Thanks Gary. This is for a lounge. I was thinking the same about 1" open backboxes, just wasn't sure if it would look daft. Will check for coax speakers too.


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I've not researched in massive depth yet but with a similar scenario (sofa on back wall) I've pretty much discounted 4 Atmos speakers as an option. The setup guides I've seen have shown 4 speakers to be in front of and behind the seating position which is impossible in our lounges.

OTOH 2 atmos speakers are shown in front of the seating position


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Some folk say that 4 made a difference even with sofa on the back wall. I've not made my mind up yet, just wanted people thoughts so may have done both.

Are you going for bipole as surrounds or you just using normal direct firing speakers?

Anybody any thoughts on remote/ir/rf setup?

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