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New Home theatre - Any major problems?


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Hi all,

My plans for my new house is being finalised at the moment and was wondering if anybody would quickly look at the my design for my dedicated home theatre. The size of my room is 5.9m(l) x 4m(w) x 2.5m(h), or 19.35' x 13.1' x 8.2'. From everything that I've read this should be a good size since there are no multiples of other dimensions, etc.

I'm not planning on adding additional insulation to the room, since the house will either be built using a light steel frame or EPS, both with much higher insulation properties than brick. I will get professionals in towards the end of the project to assess and install any required acoustic panels to improve the sound inside the room.

As can be seen (sort of) is the cabinet at the front of the room which will house a 40" Huyndai LCD that I currently have with a Grandview motorised screen (suggestions for size?) over it (for either Optoma HD20 or HD67 (roof mounted), any others I should consider?).

The L-C-R speakers will also be housed in this cabinet in enclosures with adjustable shelves, covered with acoustic cloth. This will allow me to upgrade my speakers more easily in future if the opportunity arises.

At the back I'll have shelves and a computer cabinet with drawers for all components in the centre. The surround speakers will also be in here, with adjustable shelves and acoustic cloth as with front speakers. Against the side walls I'll also have cabinets for the 7.1 speakers.

Currently I have 2 different Wharfedale sets that I want to use for front and back speakers, and I think they'll be ok for now. I can't remember the exact models now, but will post it later.

I don't have subs at the moment (apart from those that you get with the mini all-in-one 5.1 packages) but want to install 2 of them (any suggestions?). I though front left and right would've been fine, but on THX they recommend putting it on opposing walls. Should I be doing this, and where?

Thanks for all comments

I'm currently planning on getting an Optoma HD20 or 67


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Is there nothing that anybody would change in this setup or do you guys need any additional info w.r.t. any of the components?



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