New Home Theater.


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Hi Everyone,
I have been hanging around here for a while and I have been busy building my home cinema.
Any comments (bad or good) would be great. I have got a lot of info from this and other forums over the last few years, so if you have any questions please ask.
Have a look.

Peter Parker

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Hi Tom,

I like the room. :)

Nice layout, and being a big Spidey fan myself, I liked both the movie and the poster.

The screen is a nice size - any screendoor noticable from the front seats? You say the middle row are the best seats...

I like the colour scheme for the walls - good idea to help negate cross reflections (should you get any). I have grey walls and ceiling myself. :cool:

Thought about a black border for the screen? Just some thin skirting painted black or covered in black velvet would do the trick.



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That is nice.

I think the only thing I'd possibly have done is to put a 'false' wall in the front of the room and hide the speakers and some of the equipment in it. You could have the speakers level with the screen and it would make the room look shorter also.
It would have to be a kinda stud wall with acoustic cloth over it though, nothing solid.

Neat mind!:D


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Hi Tom,

Very neat !! :cool:

My wall colour is a mid to dark matt blue, but the ceiling is still white - seeing your room is making me think about a grey ceiling.... might have to work on approval for that though !

I like the seating arrangement - my room is too short (13' ) for this..

All the best,

Sean G.


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Hi all,
Thanks for the comments.
I cant see the "screen door" from couch, you would have get close to the wall to really see it. The middle row are "the best" as far as audio as I completed all of the SPL settings from the middle row.
I am still thinking about a screen but I don't like to rush my decision. I like what I get from the wall so I might give the boarder a try. Thanks.
I like the idea of a false wall..I was going to have some stoarge units built from the same timber as the center unit and then have the speakers built into them with acoustic fabric accross the bottom half of the unit, but a false wall might just do the trick.
Thanks again for you comments and info.
Just as a side note all of the walls are installed with Boral Soundstop Accoustic batts and Soundstop Gyproc. The floor is floating on Regupol (sound prooffing) underlay as well, so the floor shakes.

Hi Tom, your set up looks fantastic. Very 'professional'. I'm coming to Sydney in December to live for at least six months and it's really interesting to see a few Aussie members popping up on this forum. If you could let me know where the best places are to look for equipment (projectors, progressive scan dvd players etc) I would be really grateful.



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