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NEW Home theater system Spec me up!


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I'm new to this so go easy.

I am looking at getting a 32" LCD tv, so far I like this but if you have any better suggestions then please let me know:

Samsung LE32R73BD for around £600
Samsung LE32N73BD for around £740 (Only difference I can see is it has 2 HDMI ports)

I also like the Samsung DVD/Hard drive recorder:

Samsung DVD-HR734 for around £210 at curry's

I am not sure about if a home theater system would be worth it.

Here are my questions:

1) The reason why it is good to have more than one HDMI is so you dont need to switch round your DVD and PS3 HDMI cables (When it comes out) right?

2) Will things get any cheaper after christmas, if so by how much.

3) Are the speakers in the tv any good, is it worth getting a home theater system.

4) Is it true that if you buy a home theater system without a dvd recorder then you wont get the surround sound (Spoke with a curry's salesperson, this has me really confused).

5) I can build PC's so is it worth building my own pvr over the samsung dvd/hard drive recorder, if so what would I need to spend and what extra things can it do. What problems can I expect.

6) Is everything above compatible with Sky and each other?

7) Apart from Kelkoo or Pricerunner any other cheap places to buy from.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and answers all my questions.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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1) you answered you own question :smashin:

2) My crystal ball tells me yes, but not by how much ;)

3) They can be, but they won't be as good as Hi-Fi type stuff.

4) Is just laughable and typical currys.
You would need to buy a seperate AV receiver and I'd recommend this, because then you can upgrade individual components. I wouldn't touch an all in one system.

5) I don't know, the subject is of no interest to me, sorry.

6) I would say yes

7) Loads, but you need to do the legwork there.


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You would need to buy a seperate AV receiver and I'd recommend this, because then you can upgrade individual components. I wouldn't touch an all in one system.

Woah woah, slow down there mate 'AV Reciever'??? I'm new I have no idea what you just said there. When you say individual compnents, what would I need?

Ok so dont buy an all in one system, sounds good. Does this mean I can get my dvd/hard drive recorder now and then maybe buy a speaker system seperately (Without another dvd drive) later?

If this is so how come I havent seen any speaker only systems (Only seen ones with DVD players in Curry's today).

How much cheaper do you think it will get after christmas, worth the wait??

Finally, good/bad choice on tv and dvd recorder?

Thanks a lot you have been a real help.


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Sorry, here's an example of a receiver:


I'm not necessarily recommending that one, it's just an example. It's fairly bottom of the range and runs out about £250, I think. There are loads to look at, but to start you off, try Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz.
That's basically what processes the sound and gives you surround.
You might think that's a lot of money, but they do other stuff too. I'll leave you to read up.

You would need one of those and 5 speakers and a sub. Oh and obviously a DVD player.
The advantage is you can change anyone of those components as opposed to an all in one where you basically have to sling the lot.
To be fair, it is a more expensive way to go and some people spend megabucks on their gear.
On the other hand, you can start off on a lowish budget and upgrade stuff a bit at a time. It's loads of fun doing the research.
A decent setup will always be better than an all in one, IMO, but I can understand how some people like the simplicity of them.
Putting together a seperates system is by no means difficult though.

Yes you can buy the recorder now and add to it later :smashin:

You've only mentioned Currys, you should take a look here:


Shops all over the country and some excellent prices for beginners to create a system on a tight budget :smashin:
Just bear in mind you get what you pay for, on the whole.

The Samsungs are highly rated and seem to be flavour of the month.
It's your eyes that count though :smashin:

I can't comment on the recorder, I've never seen it.


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