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Evening All,

Recently purchased a house that has built in surround sound speakers; two on the ceiling and two on the wall. The speaker wires are located within the top of the pantry in the kitchen, while the tv in the living room is about 25 feet away. I asked the previous owner about his setup and he told me that he had the receiver in the pantry along with the satellite tv receiver, then ran a HDMI cable down thru the basement and up the opposite wall to the tv. Measuring the distance from the tv thru the basement to where the receiver would be it's around 75 ft give or take. The plan is to mount Xbox and Satellite receiver behind the TV as is with their hookups already, then run the HDMI thru the basement to the receiver. So here is my gut tells me to do the same process, but what I'm worried about is the loss of quality on a cord that long. Is this a valid concern? Also looking at getting an ethernet cord this long as well, should I be concerned about this too? Lastly in regards to the receiver itself I'm looking at going with a Denon AVR-S54OBT, thoughts on this? Are there any other suggestions if this plan doesn't sound good? Thanks for any help or guidance provided, be well.


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I'd suggest that 75ft is way longer than what woulfd ordinarilly be recommended when wanting to convey signals using HDMI. You'd be ordinarilly recommended to not use conventional copper HDMI cables longer than 5m (about 16.5 feet). The longer you go then the gtreater the channces of ypu experiencing signal dropouts and or no signal at all.

Locate the AV receiver in close proximity to you primary display and source components as opposed to locating iy in a different room and at distance from said display and sources.

I'd be more inclined to suggest you not use the already present speakers. It sounds as though they've been placed in locations that aren't nescessarilly condusive with where you'd locate speakers correctly in a surround sound setup? IOf they do on the other hand fit in with what would be ordinarilly recommended for placement then simply run new wiring to the location of the AV receiver in the main room rather than using the existing wiring. Speaker wire is cheap compared to the HDMI solutions you'd need to employ to be able to convey HDMI signals without issue over 75ft.

The questions you need to be asking yourself are, what kind of surround setup am I aimiming for and do the location of the existing speakers actually fit in with this? Don't make everything fit in with were the speakers are now because they are not going to be the most expensive element within your setup. It would be easier and cheaper to scrap or replace them and locate speakers correctly than it is to spend money on cables and hardware only to then not be portraying the audio as it should be portrayed. Also, what resolution video are you hoping to convey? 1080p is HD and 4K and above would be UHD.

For a start, you'd not have any speakers on a ceiling in a 5.1 setup which would be the limits of a DEnon AVR-S54OBT. For another, you cannot convey UHD video using HDMI over HDBaseT and cat6 (cat6 would be the cable used and not ethernet. Ethernet is a protocol and not a type of cable). What resolution of video are you hoping to convey both now and in the future?
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