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Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice, I'm wall mounting my 42" panny and having a projector screen come down in front of it. The door is on the same wall as where I'm mounting it all so I'm not sure whether to mount it central to the wall or slightly off centre so it's centre to the entire wall( including the door) if that's makes sense?! Same goes for the speakers which are to be wall mounted.

Pics below are from all 4 corners of the room.








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Better still having looked at the other images why don't you mount it abouve the fire??

I imagine your reply will be that it's too narrow to accommodate a PJ screen but you could always build the wall out slightly either side I doubt it would need much! you could build it out to fit perfectly flush with the screen! would look v nice!


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Mmm I hear what your saying and it would look good but the reason i planned it on that wall is that the hallway is the other side of the wall and that's where I was going to put the sky box, av receiver etc etc


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You could still house your equiptment in the hall just use longer cable runs and put them through the ceiling - bit more work but it would be worth the extra effort! is it just the one room your doing have you thought about future proofing??


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The whole house is being rewired, plastered, new heating system, the lot tbh. I'm running cat 5 into each room, that's about as future proofing as its got so far. What were you thinking?


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if you are thinking of future proofing, why running only cat 5? Cat 6 gigabit is surely better and not much more expensive


Centre the AV to your viewing position, if seating is central on the back wall or offset to the door side then same with TV.

Don't run any cables until final fix, duct everything then no worries about number and choice of cables and types for rest of your life!

If you look at my other posts you will see me advising people on ducting and advising to never plaster any cables over.
I haven't for 12 years, truly 100% future proof.

Most people swear by UTP but I can't be bothered with the electronic boxes or 'baluns' as they are known unless I am forced to IE. distances of 50metres plus.
It get's quite expensive up/down converting AV signals over CATx, cheap as chips to do it in raw format.

However very few listen and I see tons of posts with this issue and that issue after the fact.
Problems range from 'had a cable failure', 'requirements and AV kit have changed need more wires', 'can't upgrade, without chasing',' not enough feeds', 'interference upsetting HDMI over UTP' etc.

I'm screaming 'SHOULD HAVE DUCTED IT' because I'm sad like that :).

Good luck with it whatever you decide to do.



only just seen your reply shah, 63mm flexible smooth bore ducting as standard or 2 x 50mm.
Swept bends are the order of the day or duct into voids or access hatches if the angle is to acute

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