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I recently moved into a new house, which came with the luxury of a 2nd floor room in the loft. All done properly already, staircase up, Velux windows and was in fact used as a cinema by the previous owners. They took all their kit with them, so I've only got as far as setting up my existing kit and sourcing a cheap second-hand set of leather recliners for the room. Nonetheless, it's still proved very usable and something we've used fairly regularly, to the extent we're convinced we to really tart it up a bit over the next couple of years as funds permit.

Room dimensions: 5 x 5.1m, with a slight step in the rear wall.
There's space and access to the space in the eves at the sides and loft cavity above.

I'd love to get your thoughts on this room, what you think would work best, what kit I should keep, what kits I should keep an eye out for (I tend to pick up most of my kit second hand).

Currently, I have:
  • Primare SP31.7 processor and A30.5 power amp
  • Royd Minstrel and AV77 front speakers
  • Wharfedale DFS EVO dipoles
  • BK Monolith
  • Sony KDL-55HX923 telly
  • Cambridge Audio 751BD
  • PS3
  • LiFx corner lights and strip light behind telly
  • V-Pro remote dimmer for the main ceiling lights
  • Harmony Elite remote.
Previous owners had a ceiling mounted projector up and have left the HDMI cable in place (nice). There's mains power and TV aerial distro boxes behind that ceiling hatch. I'd definitely like to reinstate a projector like this. I reckon I can squeeze a 110-120" screen on that wall comfortably. FWIW the Velux windows have blinds in them that are good at blocking out light. Seats are about 3-4m from the screen.
-> I'm really not that clued up on projector stuff, so advice on a good 4k projector, screen and mount would be great. Budget ~£2k

Sound leakage isn't too big a problem, just the teenage kids rooms next door and below. They'll likely be watching stuff at the same time anyway. Walls are all timber frame cavity insulated with plasterboard, which does make wall mounting stuff a bit tricky. Got to find where the timber frame is behind and limits where you can practically mount stuff. Hence why the Dipole surrounds aren't yet mounted on the rear walls.
-> Are Dipole rears still a good plan, or would I be better getting some standmount rears?

Decor wise, it's all very white & magnolia at the moment (whole house is!) I know it's recommended to paint it all black for a projector, but I'm hesitant to make it too dark. Maybe a deep red or purple, otherwise maybe just a few walls painted dark.
-> Which walls are most critical to be dark? Some? All?

Sound-wise, I'd almost certainly stick with the Primare rig, so I won't be messing about with Atmos ceiling speakers just yet. It could go 7.1, but I'm not sure the side speakers would suit well unless I ditched some chairs.
-> Worth going 7.1 in this room? Or too cramped at sides of room?

The Royd speakers aren't bad, but I'm undecided if they should stay or go. Either I'll get new stereo speakers for downstairs and use my Doublets as fronts and the Minstrels as surrounds for a full 5.1 Royd setup. Or just replace the lot with something different.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I would love to hear your thoughts as to what you'd do with this room. I'm really looking for a plan, something to head towards bit by bit as budget allows.

Many thanks!


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