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First off let me apologise in advance to any mods im creating work for, after a week of my post having no replies in the Home cinema section I've posted here albeit with some editing.

I'm also aware that im asking a generalised question but I cannot for the life of me find a suitable section, as my query relates to both amps/speakers/projectors/installations

I'm wondering if possible you could advise me on my wish-list - I've put out a few emails to some installers who've yet to get back to me on a price.

Basically I'm moving out in the next month or so and would like to have a permanent home cinema in my lounge. I've asked for a quote to install a ceiling mounted projector and a fixed frame screen, setup of the components and hiding of the wires through trunking like the d-line stuff.

Also the fitting of 3 of these (remote controlled blackout blinds)

I know it's a hard to quote without seeing the job entailed but how much roughly would something like this cost to do?

The components I've set my heart/budget on are:

Themescene HD20
Beamax A Series velvet - either the 106" or the 120" yet to decide!
Kef IQ90 Floor standers
possibly the matching centre aswell..
BKELEC Monolith DF
Kef IQ3 (already got a pair)
Harmon Kardon AVI 250 Amp (already got)
Technics SH-AC500D (already got)

Thanks for the reading!
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Perhaps you should consider splitting the questions into sub topics and posting in the relevant forums. You will get a better response that way.

Why don't you wait for the quotes to come back? Have you used the search function?

As you're going to Roy Jowett's for a demo, why don't you simply ask him for recommendations on local installers? I got my projector from him and can vouch for his advice, service and prices.

I have no idea what your amp/decoder are like as they're obviously old kit. My mate has a HK AV Receiver and it's a goodun but that's not going to help. Kef are pretty easy to match, so I would say you're safe enough with any brand of AV Receiver with decent power output. You'll soon know which AVR you prefer once you've demo'd the receivers with the speakers. Don't judge an AVR by specs alone, particularly power figures. Manufacturers are known to be a bit colourful with the truth when it comes to these figures. The likes of NAD, Marantz, Arcam, Harman Kardon amongst a few tend to be a bit more realistic when it comes to power figures, although some have been caught out in technical tests. Therefore use your ears to judge and forget the figures. I have no doubt that RJ will keep you right.


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Hi dave, thanks for your input!

I had considered splitting the query into various forum sections however I didn't want to have to keep repeating myself in relation to what components I would be using with the components I asked the original question about. (I hope that makes sense?)

As for using the search tool, yes indeed I have - for the past 6 month i've been an avid browser here. The reason I have my current spec list is from the forums, and the components i suggested are from me reading articles on here and the net. That's how I also found out about ADV + Roy Jowetts.

I've requested quotes off both companies and im awaiting a reply, I know both companies are well appraised from reading up on the forums here - however I just wanted to get other peoples views on the spec list, as I've been to other stores in manchester and had to listen to a pile of ******** from the sales rep; I'm not saying I don't trust the sales reps at Roys as I've never shopped there, however as I'm a young lad people have a tendancy to try to pull-the-wool over my eyes so to speak.

In relation as to why i've not waited for the quotes before posting, well basically I know the components themselves are competitvely priced - it was primarily the installation that I was worried about. I'm 20 years old mate and still at home with the parents so I haven't had the opportunity to have a previous install to gauge cost factor off, so I was hoping for some advice there as I can't seem to find many reputable installers in the manchester area.

Anyway, thanks for replying! nice to finally get someone who's atleast added some input as supposed to the arse in my last thread :)


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The amp and speakers can be considered to be a pairing but the projector/screen etc. depend more on the room and lighting and so on. I would definitely use the search function and also post in the pj/screens forum with your room dimensions etc.

Have you considered DIY for the installation? Seriously it's not hard and there are hundreds of posts in the galleries and DIY sub forums to whet your appetite and will give you some inspiration.


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I did consider the DIY route mate, but realistically I do not want to mess it up. It's a rented property you see, so im reluctant to get the drill out. I'm intent on getting a AV rack off G&G group (if AV can't provide something similar) that is basically 5 floating wooden shelves, I do not feel comfortable at all drilling into an exterior wall and putting the shelf up myself - even more so when there will be £2000 worth of equipment on :)

The trunking etc I would have no issue with as I'd use the d-line stuff which is simple enough to use by the looks of things.

In relation to projector screens I've had a look around on the the forum and see alot of people still debating over fixed screens or walls. The walls of the room are like an off-eggwhite so I've read that would be acceptable for a screen rather than fork out say £400 for a Beamax A series velvet. I would personally prefer a fixed frame purely because it looks neater than a blank wall imho - but I'm wondering perhaps if AV would knock me a DIY screen up or advise I buy one pre-fab'd.

I believe when I read the specs I think at max 136" would be the optimal according to optomas website, the projector is gonna be mounted approx 4.5m away - I used projectorpoints calculator to figure that btw. As for the lighting of the room it's going to be a lounge/kitchen/dining room so it's all open plan with 1 big window and 3 smaller ones - I forget to mention in my other post I was intent on putting up some Remote RF blackout blinds I've found, along with some curtains over the top so I'm hoping light won't be an issue both external light and reflected, unless that projector turns out to be a torch (but i'll know that when I demo it)

Cheers again


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Following a discussion with the OP, I've created a copy (with some slight edits to the OP's first post), in the PJ forum, in order for the discussion on his PJ install to continue.

The original thread is here, which I would prefer to be used for the discussion of his audio requirements

Thank You
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Thanks again mate.

I've got a quote back from the shop - they're quoting the following:

]HD20- £875
10502 100" A Velvet- £589 - Advised I should go for the lower screen size as the projector would suffer from a washed-out effect if I went any bigger.

These prices are on the basis I buy a set of speakers, amp and projector.

What you guys think?

edit -

Just found that I can get the Beamax A-Velvet 233x137
[10502] for the grand total of..

£508.93 inc VAT
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Hi Stoney, I know you say you are only young but I would seriously go the DIY route. You seem intelligent enough to work a drill! I only say this because you are only paying 895 for a PJ and I would think an installer might probably quote you £400 for the install(based on a friends recent install). Even if I could afford it I wouldn't pay it!!
Now if I had spent 5 or 6 grand on a PJ maybe!! The thing is mate if you did it yourself and got a few holes in the wrong place and had to fill and paint it wouldn't be so bad.

As regards the screen if you want to get it exact fit your PJ in position and see what size it is and then make the screen accordingly.

If you was a bit nearer I would have gladly popped round and given you a hand.


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I don't disagree Steve, i'd love to have a go at it myself but I'm going to wait on the quote I get back from ADV. I figured it wouldn't be so hard to do the trunking, it's primarily the placement of the projector that has me thrown. I've no problem getting in the "attic" as such, the house is like a barn conversion on one floor - access to the space above the ceiling is fine, it's just the fixing of the bracket I'm not clear about i.e. How I would go about finding the solid wood beams behind the ceiling.

I would assume one would go about hanging the screen first, and use that point of reference for the projector placement? Pencil the screw hole positions and hope it hits home (something solid) ^^

thanks for the advice


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Ive seen the Optoma HD20 and IMO its a cracker for the money. I have a Beamax A series and have been really pleased with it so i imagine the velvet will be even better. May be worth looking for one second hand on the forum classified or ebay as you can get a bargain. mine cost me £60 nearly new off ebay as no one else bid:thumbsup:

Your choice of sub gets good feedback but ive not heard one - also check SVs subs.

Im not a fan of Kef speakers but the best thing is get a demo and personal taste is cruitial. If the speakers are mainly for movies try to demo m&k


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I've looked over the forums a bit tonight and see alot of people stand- by there plain-white walls and ikea blinds, can it really be justified spending £500 on a dedicated screen?

Personally I want one purely for asthetics so it looks the business, I've gamed on a projector before and it really wound me up having no boarder as the image seemed to fade towards the edges and lacked definition of edges.

Like I said above I've found the Beamax 100" A series velvet for £508 inc VAT. However i've done a bit of ebay hunting tonight and found a real bargin, there's a 93" A series (standard ver) for about £150.


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