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Will be moving to a new property in the next couple of months and I am allocating one of the bedrooms as the entertainment room.

I have attached the 2 set ups that I believe would best fit the room.

It is effectively a square room which I understand is hard to set up speakers for however fortunately one of the walls has a built in wardrobe with soft fabric doors which I thought would act as a good sound diffuser in the set up on the left hand side.

I have also attached photos of the room as it is now to give you a better idea of the diagram.

The sound system the best fit my budget seems to be this Sony one.

Any advice would be appreciated. I did consider the possibility of trying to put the rear speakers mounted above the fitted wardrobe to avoid having them on stands in the middle of the room but not sure this would work?
What do you experts think?


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Your second layout would allow for better speaker placement (TV on door wall) - it will enable you to keep your rear speakers at ear level

I think we probably all agree you could spend your £350 better...

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