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Hi everyone,

I never had a homecinema setup in my life. Only hifi setup I had was a pair of DALI Zensor 3s with Yamaha S201 Stereo Amp, budget good sounding setup.

I live in Spain and I have a budget range between 1500€-2000€ (1800$-2400$) including av receiver, 5.1 speaker setup. I would like start with the av receiver + 2.1 speakers 1st.

I was searching around internet and I have some options, would like to know your opinions.

DENON AVR-X2700H (599€ - 730$) - I wrote this over popular s750 because of 100€ price difference.
Dali Spektor 2 (259€ - 315$)
MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE 2 (278€ - 340$)
Q 3010i (249€ - 300$)
Q 3020i (299€ - 360$)
Q 3030i (399€ - 485$)
KEF Q350 (OFFER) (399€ - 485$)

Now I don't know if these speakers goes well with Denon, I am open to other models of AV receivers if there is any better same price range.

P.S. Is it really big of a difference in music quality between an AV receiver and stereo amp? Will I catch the difference listening to stereo music between this AV receiver and lets say Yamaha s501 ?

Thanks in advance


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yes some people have used those speakers with that denon

a stereo amp will typically outperform an avr at the same price.

an avr can be very good for music but they are usually very expensive. a €500 stereo amp will sound much better for music than a €500 avr


I am curious if there is a big difference between budget Dali Spektor 2 and Q3030i or KEF Q350s

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