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Hi all,I'm moving into my new home next month and meticulously trying to plan all aspects of the lounge to over come any problems I mite find whilst decorating. There's plenty on here about the false chimney breast I'm going to build to house the 3d tv and ps3 ect, already got most of the hardware to enable me to control it all via iPad or smartphone. The advice I'm after mainly is on coving lighting; ive read some threads that people have done on this topic in which they have used mdf, I'm worried that if it was to use this then the paint texture would be different from a plaster finish and as the whole room with be White it my look odd. Also the method in which the coving lighting is achieved is still unclear to me to get best results. Not sure it would be better to over board the ceiling and leave a 3 inch gap where it should meet the wall instead of physical coving? Any thoughts or examples of simple builds would be appreciated.
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