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I am looking to upgrade my living room AV setup in the new year. I currently have a 10 y/o Panasonic Plasma, 5 y/o Yamaha 5.1 AV Amp, and various devices connected to either the Amp or the TV.

I am planning on picking up a PS5 in the new year, and want to upgrade and simplify my setup at the same time.

I obviously need a new 4k HDR TV that supports 120hz to get the best out of the PS5 picture wise, but my questions are around the sound aspect, and whether I need to replace my AV amp too. My first question is as follows and will influence my further questions:

1. I have always been of the opinion that the ideal setup is to have your HDMI devices connected to an AV Amp, and then a single connection to the TV. This way you are most likely to have the widest choice of audio decoding available and the TV is just processing the video for the connected devices.

But in reseaching TVs, there is a lot of focus in low latencies for gaming to give the least input lag. If my PS5 is connected via an AV Amp, will that not add additional latency/input lag to the equation?

If so, I am guessing it is better to plug devices into the TV and rely on the ARC for getting sound to the AV Amp, which potentailly means I could stick with my existing amp. But then am I limiting my sound options a TVs arent generally as fully featured as AV Amps?

Appreciate that is kind of three questions! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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