New Hitachi PD7200 - How to configure remote???

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by theyetiman, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Hello i am new to the boards... looks cool!

    I recently got a PD7200 and must say it's well badass! I'm having trouble getting the remote control to operate my Pioneer DVD player and my Telewest Cable STB (manufacturer Pace).

    I looked in the manual and it says to press the (i+) button simultaneously with the (3) button to set the manufacturer (to pioneer), but the instructions are really vague and they don't describe the procedure at all. I just cannot get it to work!

    Does anyone know how to do it properly?... i.e. Do you need to be on 'dvd mode' (or "sat" mode) on the remote before pressing the buttons? Should something appear on screen? What does "set type" mean - it gives a table in the manual for "set maker" and "set type" but doesnt explain what "set type" is or how to use it.

    Sorry if this all sounds jumbled I am a little hung over lol :D

    Thanks in advance if you can help,


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