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Mar 29, 2020
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Hi-end old or lo-end newer av

I think it's time to replace my Lexicon MC-8 with a newer unit. Sources are Squeezebox (coaxial), 1080p DVD player (HDMI), 4K BD player (HDMI) and android box (HDMI) TV is LG C9 OLED. I have no interest in gaming or next gen consoles (4K@120hz) on the OLED. Amps are 7 channels, XLR fully balanced. Antimode 8033cinema. Sub has RCA and XLR inputs. I'm not interested in anything more than 7.1 (maybe dual subs if I can find identical model later) I do have 60W x 4amps to do 4 ceiling speakers, but idea of making holes in ceiling, and four cables runs doesn't sound appealing right now. Maybe if get pro installer to do that. Main speakers are large 1x6.5" and 3x8" floorstanders with 32hz response. I would like XLR av pre, I have full 7.1 XLR cables.

If I buy a older, higher end unit like Marantz 8801, Anthem AVM50 I'll get HD audio over HDMI, and room correction. Higher quality sound, build and components. Older units probably won't pass HDR, and all features of HDMI 2.0-2.1 so probably need to use HDMI video to TV, and secondary HDMI audio to Marantz (for BD) For a lot less than my budget, and a new lower end new model.

Or I can get a new, lower end model like Marantz AV7705. Newer HDMI spec.

The issue with HDMI av pres is not like from Lexicon era, where video bypassed the av pre, so if it went from composite, to S-Video, component, RGB scart, and HDMI + coaxial, or framerate/resolution on that connection and av pre didn't support it, it didn't really matter the input couldn't cope with 1080p, RGB, etc, everything needed coaxial/optical and older units had plenty of those. But now since av pre have fewer coaxial/optical inputs, in favour of HDMI, HD audio only being passed through HDMI a av pre with suitable HDMI spec is important (not like you can upgrade the HDMI board with off the shelf, affordable like PC style GPU) and new HDMI sources mean if you have a very old HDMI in the chain not getting everything.

As it stands, E-Arc would be handy but not essential, as the DVD,BD, Android box is near the TV, with optical out to the av pre (so optical will be replaced with HDMI cable) If I don't get a E-arc, then I'd need to move all video sources near to where the Av pre. Not the end of the world, but having the sources under the TV makes the remote work a bit better (and further away so disc noise is lessened) plus simpler on av pre (single HDMI input audio from TV, rather than multiple) Or I could get a ARC unit, keeeping DVD and Android box under TV using optical, move BD to AV pre for HDMI video + HDMI audio.

I'm aware of a few different AV pres- Anthem, Marantz, Yamaha, Anthem. Brands such as Emotiva which are not to be touched. And different room correction, Anthem ARC, Dirac, Audyssey, YPAO, general pros and cons of each (ie Anthem is good but doesn't do time alignment, Yamaha doesn't do sub, Marantz Audyssey is on/off unless you go for multeq app supported devices) I think from reading I would like ability to tailor where EQ stops

If new AV pre sub room correction is superior or equal to the antimode I could take away the antimode, and use XLR-XLR instead of RCA-RCA.

I have a Yamaha 671 in another setup and the basic YPAO does seem to take slight treble edge off my speakers, in pure a little bit too forward.

I want good 2 channel for music (squeezebox) either using Squeezebox analogue out (pure direct) or coaxial out so AV is DAC also. I presume a good AV pre has better analogue stage than Squeezebox analogue out.

£1500 is really top end of my budget I can't justify £2000-£3500, let alone the £16,000 on the Trinnov. A new Marantz 8805, Yamaha CX5100, Anthem AVM60 is too much.
I'm considering a marantz av8801, is hdmi spec too out of date, will it pass uhd movies and not have issue with older hdmi and hdcp spec?

Can't find pdf of marantz product sheet. Don't think it has auto or Atmos not too fussed. 7.1 HD audio will be fine.

I read it downsamples hd to 48khz lwhen using audyssy is this correct and even new av8805 does this?
Just my opinion.... go for the AV7705 and save yourself a lot of umming and ahhing. Price wise it's in your sweet spot, the AV7704 can be found even cheaper. Overthinking has been my downfall over many years - I since learnt to enjoy what I could afford - and now possess equipment that I enjoy and appreciate on a daily basis. I don't get too caught up in room correction, dual subs, etc - I enjoy reading about it, though. Others' opinions may differ.
Yeah 7704 is fee hundred less. Believe the multeq app works on 7704 and 7705
I'd say go with the Marantz AV7705, which can be found for £1,500 (Marantz AV7705 Black 11.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Pre-Amplifier - Marantz - AV Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists, Marantz AV7705 AV Processor) and has all the features such as Atmos, DTS:X, Audo-3D,Audyssey that are currently considered essential. The current special offer prices are within your budget cap, and the new features "coming any time now" will be over your budget.

I don't know if the 7705 is still limited to 48kHz when using Audyssey. Since we're not bats, I can't think of any reason why it would be an issue if it were.
I doubt want or need Atmos/aura3d I'll stick to 7.1. if a. Av8801 can be bought for £500 versus £1500 7705

Unless can answer questions I posted in speaker section, 7.1 to more speakers

Downsampling to 48khz sounds like bad idea I know anthem goes upto 96khz without doing that. Not sure what khz new hd audio tracks are
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If build quality is a factor in your decision, the AV880* series looks to be a class above the AV770* series IMO.
Yeah reason why considering that option. As long as older one passes 4k, HDR, bt 2020 4:4:4 etc

Athem avm60 if they go for £1500
Both HD audio are 192khz..hmm. so choice of room eq but downsampled to 48khz, or bypassed and not touched.
Hifi Corner in Edinburgh (Sister company of The Movie Rooms) were selling brand new Lexicon MC-10s for £2K, might be worth a look.

I would definitely go AV7705 over an AV8802. The AV8805 and AV7705 got significant opamp improvements:

Differences between the AV7705 and AV8805 output quality are non existent unless your poweramps need more than 1.6V for full power.
Lx-10 isn't a lexicon it's another brand rebadged.

Yes it an Arcam AV860 with an additional DSP mode and a different case design. You do get Dirac, immersive formats and HDMI 2.0 so might be worthy of consideration.
Will be using XLR.

At £5000 MC-10 is too much

Errrm, re-read my previous post.

To be clear Hifi Corner / The Movie Rooms were advertising brand new MC-10s at £2000 last week and I suspect they still have some left.
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Errrm, re-read my previous post.

To be clear Hifi Corner / The Movie Rooms were advertising brand new MC-10s at £2000 last week and I suspect they still have some left.
Yep, link here


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