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Hi all,

Hope you can help me, were sick of our HiFi at work, it only works half the time and the quality of the audio output is dire, we have all agreed to split the cost of a new hifi theres 21 of us in all willing to put up to a tenner each in so budget is around £210.

My failing in selection is finding a hifi that meets our specifications, ill list them below and would be grateful if you all could send me some suggestions.

  • It needs to be able to connect to at least 6 speakers of which we already have 4 our sparkys can change the connections if required but have in the past soldered directly to the hifi which we would like to avoid!
  • The background noise level in our factory is around 89db so audio output would need to be suitable to hear comfortably above the background noise.
  • it has to be a DAB turner, we have been pining for digital radio for a while now!

EDIT: Sorry, Also has to have an Auxiliary input as we like to plug in out mp3 players every so often.

Hope you can send me some suggestions, were not bothered about brand but may like a warranty on the hifi.


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unless you buy used I can't think of anything to recommend in your budget. Can't the boss
put his hands in his pocket?

You want a source? CD? and DAB, and a powerful amp and two speakers plus cabling for £210?
The only thing I can think of is a used Denon DM micro system, but that amp isn't made to run 6 speakers, really you need 2 more power amps and a pre amp that can handle that.

Let's try this a different way? - why do you need 6 speakers? what make and model
are the existing ones? what is the room layout? where do the speakers sit , head height?, on the


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Ok here goes, We work in an edible oils factory above is a small map of the plant floor not to scale, the black "spk" are exsisting speakers and the direction they point, the red are where we want to place new speakers, The output is really important as i said before background noise of refrigeration units and motors is around 89db, also DAB turner is a must, were not bothered about second hand units, ebay would be fine but we really dont know where to start.



Don Dadda

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89db?? That must be like sitting next to a constantly screaming child - all day!!

21 of you's and only a £10 each? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Surely between 21 heads, and the boss, you can dig deeper and find another £10 at least, because you not only need a powerful amp, but one that can handle sustained high volume pressure for 8 hrs, 5 days a week or even more. And even second hand, it's not going to be cheap but i would start there.

An all in one is not going to cut it as KT999 stated so i can see the bulk of the cash will be used on a amp - which one, i haven't a clue but i'm thinking a PA amplifier - it won't leave much for speakers and DAB.

You could get a DAB radio with mp3/ipod connectivity and a Line Out output like below and use a 3.5mm to 2 rca cable to connect that to the amp.

Pure EVOKE-2XT, Luxury DAB/FM Portable Radio with Alarm:.

3.5mm jack to 2 x rca phono stereo audio cable

I would of thought the speakers will be bookshelfs of some kind placed up high for best results so something like these WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9.1 SPEAKERS added to your current ones may get the job done - You can get the 9.0 for £50 from RS but only where stores have them see here

and a switch like this for 3 pairs of speakers
4 Way Stereo Speaker Switch Box : Speaker Switchers

All of the above is a total of around £150 or £200. If you had double your budget, it could leave £200-250 for the amp and cheap speaker cable
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