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Hi, im soon going to purchase my first Hi-Fi seperates system, and was wondering what peoples opinions of the following would be:

Arcam A75 Plus Amplifier
Arcam CD73T CD Player
B&W DM602 S3 Speakers

All that comes to just over a grand brand new, and if anyone has any sugesstions on a better system for the price, then go for it


Hi Flagg and welcome to the forum!

If you look at my sig below you will see that I have some similar equipment to what you are looking at getting and believe you will be happy with your choices. The only way to tell for sure though is to demo the equipment together.



Ok, i will definately listen to all of the equipment before i buy. Thanks alot MarkE19 ;)


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Seems good to me - I didn't get on with the B&W speakers though as they don't perform well when near a wall whereas the front ported kefs do - try to buy from a dealer with a good returns policy like sevenoaks or Audio-T.


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I would suggest trying a range of speakers.
The 602s are huge. I listened to some 601s over the weekend.
They were fine, but the Monitor Audios and Quads I heard sounded better and were in a much smaller box. (To me anyway).


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The B&Ws do tend to work very well with the Arcam stuff, helps to tone down the tizzy top end of the B&Ws. Also try the Mission 780SE and the Monitor Audio S1 and S2s,

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