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I have decided that my Yamaha DSP-A5 sounds awful as a hi-fi amp. So I'd like to spend some money on something that sounds pretty good. I reckon about £500 is a reasonable budget. Perhaps I can get something that sounds amazing for slightly less (or more?). Sound quality is the ONLY important feature. A remote would be nice also. I don't need any other features than on/off, volume, and source selector. I am not looking to replace my A5. I just want to add a hi-fi amp purely for playing music.

My speakers are B&W DM602mk2
My CD/DVD player is Pioneer DV-525 (will likely be replaced in future for better sound quality option)

Can anyone advise? Thank you :thumbsup:


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I bought the Rotel RA-03 recently after seeing it in what HIFI mag. Normally i ignore a lot of what i read in what hifi but something in the description made me want to demo it, i wasn't disappointed!! At £499 it’s in your budget but try haggling i got mine for £440 in the end! It's a very no-nonsense amp with little or no frills but it does what it says on the tin and for the money sounds (in my opinion awesome!!) :thumbsup:


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I strongly recommended Audio Analogue Primo Setanta. it is listed at 475 pounds, and as a previous owner of Rotel 02 I would choose AA any day :thumbsup: its sound is more matured, more refined, more expensive than anything at this price level.

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