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New here! Have a couple of questions


Standard Member
hi there,
this is my first post so here it goes...

i have a 27inch lcd hd tv and im going to buy the new xbox elite.
my question is is it worth me buying a upscaled dvd player because i want to see my current dvds upscaled on my lcd.

ive heard that the 360 upscaled through vga? is that better than component?

also as the elite can be connected via hdmi will that upscale cos if so that would save my buying a hdmi dvd aswell as the elite.

any help is much appreciated
thanks guys


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Firstly the 360 only upscales through VGA as well as HDMI on the Elites. It will not like with all other similar devices upscale through component.

Whether DVD upscale better on the 360 then on a deidcated DVD player is not only subjective but also depends on the quality of the DVD player in question. I can't comment as I've never had an upscaling DVD player. However the 360 in my opinion does a pretty good job. The only thing is it does make a lot of noise and a lot of people find watching DVD's unbearable on the 360 because of this. It doesn't bother some people like myself.


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my question is is it worth me buying a upscaled dvd player because i want to see my current dvds upscaled on my lcd.

You're already seeing your dvd's upscaled just by watching them on the panel. The TV scales the 720x576 image to fill the 1366x768 screen, all an upscaling dvd player will do is take the scaling job away from the tv and send the signal to it already upscaled.

Unless you're spending a lot of money on a dvd player with a good scaler it's probably not worth the bother of spending more.


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so your suggesting to stick with my scart to scart dvd player.
i was going to go for the toshiba dvd player that upscales to 1080 it cost around 50quid so its a budget player.

sounds to me like ur suggesting the xbox elite will do a good enough job?

thanks for your time...


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You'd probably get an improvement switching from an old scart dvd player to a newer one with a better, more modern connection type.

Given the screen size I think the xbox will be absolutely fine as your dvd player. By holding onto that £50 you're also halfway to the cost of the HD-DVD add-on which has to be worth considering.


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yep good point, thanks for that think the elite is the way forward and will consider the hd player at some point and i assume the elite conected via hdmi will upscale old dvds anyway so ill chip the upscale dvd player off...

thanks for your input.

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