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Hi all,

I have read a bit of threads here on the forum.
I know it's really a bad time to buy a TV, so I am willing to wait a bit if needed, but would like to have an advice.

I am looking for a 65' TV for my home. It will sit in the living room and it is very bright during most of the day. Viewing distance is around 3 meters.

Main use is going to be Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming services. Plus, I will project high-res downloaded content from USB (1080p or 4K, depending on the availability). I won't watch much sport but I do like action movies and I am not sure if that requires good motion processing.
I live alone, don't need wide viewing angles. The connection I need is mainly USB. Decent sound would be better, but can think about a soundbar if it's not too expensive.

I value picture quality above all. I would like picture to be as intended by the content creator.
I hate soap-opera effect and when colors are over-saturated. Let's say that I hate when pictures or movements appear "artificial".

I am not really an expert though, so I usually follow online calibration guides and then slightly adjust according to my "taste" (I know that every panel is different, but I guess that being around a standard calibration should work in a fairly decent way).

My question is, given my preferences, do you suggest buying an OLED model or I could be happy saving money with an LCD?
I know that LCD right know are overpriced, so I will have to wait until Black Friday (and I will probably need some guidance in what brand/model is a good fit). I wouldn't spend more than £1k on LCD.
Regarding OLED, I see that Panasonic GZ950 and GZ1500 are good choices, maybe LG B9 or C9 as well? On OLED, I guess the budget would be around £2k.

Finally, TV should be future proof given my budget...shouldn't it?

Thank you very much for your help.
Let me know if you need any other info.



If you can afford it, grab a Panasonic 2019 OLED before they sell out. They work the closest to Hollywood and this TV in particular is one of the most accurate and true to the original intent as there has ever been.

When it comes to bright, it really depends how bright. You could call your own living room very bright, but it may not be. Its all relative. OLEDs have good anti reflection filters and are roughly twice as bright as older LCD TVs with normal use.
Where OLEDs can seem dim by comparison in bright conditions is if you compare them to high end LCD TVs currently sold today, or if the picture demands a lot of brightness on the TV at once, for example watching winter sports with snow/ice..or a snowy documentary.

If you feel you prefer the sound of an LCD TV and you want the most accurate picture your choice really is limited to Sony. If you can still find one, the Sony XG9505 or XF9005 would be a good choice. Otherwise waiting for the XH9505 to come down in price.

You'll generally want to avoid Samsung if you value picture accuracy in HDR mode. Their TVs sacrifice accuracy for better local dimming. Also avoid Panasonic/LG LCD TVs as they do not come close to other manufacturers when it comes to HDR performance.

For OLEDs, I made a comparison in a link below. LGs OLEDs are not far behind Panasonic and are probably better overall TVs due to more future proof connectivity and smart TV. However if its accuracy and films you are watching, and you consider yourself a movie enthusiast Panasonic is the way to go.

As you'll see in the link, the only reason to really spend more on the premium tier OLEDs is if you want better sound integrated. Most people would instead choose to pair a cheaper OLED with their own soundbar, or sound system, but that is up to you.

Before considering both LCD TV and OLED, consider first deciding which technology is suited to your conditions. Both have their own pros and cons: LCD versus OLED


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for your help last timw. I got the Pana GZ1500 and can't be more happy. Picture quality is simply stunning!

I would like some help now for a friend, since I am not really informed about the 2020 TVs (assuming their price is now low enough thanks to the Black Friday).

These are some info.
Wanted size is 65 inches
Budget is £1,000
LCD IPS is preferred (she want wider viewing angles because of how the couch is positioned)
Content watched is 90% Netflix and Amazon and 10% broadcast tv
Viewing distance is around 3-3.5 metres
She values picture quality, motion handling and ease of use of apps.

Assuming sony could be a good choice (xh9505 if goes down or 9005), but also Hisense (U8Q?).

Can you kindly help me?

Thank you very much!


£1000 isn't going to get you a good all round 65" TV with both good viewing angles and good HDR picture quality. At that budget you can just about start to afford models that can display HDR okay, but these also have narrow viewing angles.

So a compromise has to be made somewhere...and if your friend is watching a lot of Amazon and Netflix HDR picture quality is probably quite important.

If the budget is raised the Sony XH9505 would be good. It has wide viewing angles despite using a VA panel because of the wide viewing angle filter installed on the TV. Smart TV is Android TV which nowadays is fine for ease of use. Not the most intuitive, but not bad either.

If the budget isn't raised then really its a matter of sacrificing viewing angles and going for the Hisense U8Q or Sony XH9005. The former has the best HDR picture quality, the smart TV is easy to use and basic whilst the latter also has narrow viewing angles, HDR picture quality is worse, but smart TV is the same as the Sony XH9505.

If you think HDR is worth sacrificing then that opens up options a lot more, you can go with LG or Sony TVs using IPS type panels. Sony have the best viewing angles and LG the best smart TV. Last years Sony XG85 is still available to buy and is excellent value for money: Sony Bravia KD-65XG8505 (TVs)

And LG have the new Nano86 LG 65NANO86 (TVs)


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Thank you, very much! Really helpful answer!

I have reverted it to my friend and now she has a full range of options, let's see if she can't make up her mind!

Thanks again

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