new HDTV, what one would you get?


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hmm so you think the sony one? 1 question what technical stuff should i be looking for in a TV? does stuff like response time make a difference?


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man everyone is saying a different TV. what do you guys think the best TV just for gaming will be? and with the plasma will i have a problem with burn-in?


For gaming go for the Sony without a doubt. The problem with burn in on plasmas has now largely been solved but LCD gives a sharper image at it's native res (xbox / pc over vga) and the Sony V Series black levels are almost as good as plasma. For non HD material I'd say plasma still has the edge though.


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I think the Panasonic plasmas take some beating. I got a 42PV500 last year and I'm aboslutley delighted with it. Sky HD is great, and even the upscaled SD pictures and internal freeview are excellent. It's been updated a little now, with a few more variations, but I'd highly recommend it. The sounds great too, although I use a 5.1 system for watching movies etc, for general TV viewing the sound is excellent.

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Panasonic Plasma wins hands down.

Just my opinion.

I have dealt with at a guess over 1000 of em and NEVER had a burn issue.

NEC Plasmas I also rate very high (my own choice)

I do not get involved with every brand BUT most.

I prefer the quality of a plasma and think it would suit your needs well.

Just my opinion..........
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