New hdmi 2.0 for 4k


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The new spec for Hdmi is out later this year to support 4K, Hdmi 2.0 profile,
Now I own the Denon Avp a1hd Pre amp and the Poa a1hd, I've spent a lot of cash on these bad boys a couple of years ago and will not be replacing them for a very very long time.
I will defiantly be buying a 4K pj to replace my Optoma Themescene hd81 when it comes avaliable at a reasonable price and a 4k disc player if they ever come.
My question is will my Denon Avp a1hd Pre amp and poa a1hd power amp be compatible with this new hdmi 2.0 and 4K equipment?
Or will Denon be doing hdmi 2.0 updates to there existing flagship models or will there be other ways around this issue that many of us will face with our amps over the next year or so. :confused:


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You won't get much joy in this area of the forum. I would try the processors/power amps sub-forum. I know that AVSForum has a lengthy thread on these and I hate to say it, you would probably get a better response there as AVS tends to be a bit more technical.



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‘over the next year or so’- I think your expectations for the Display Tech and Content is a bit premature.

A player with dual HDMI Out (A. to Ultra HD Display + B. to legacy AVP/AVR) and a decent Video Processor or Ultra HD compatible HDMI Switch will be just as likely the way forward for folk not wanting to replace legacy kit.


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