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I just setup my new harmony elite with hub.

My devices:

  • Hisense 55M7000 smart tv
  • Yamaha sound bar
  • Virgin TiVo V6 cable box
  • Echo dot
So my question is related to smart tv apps. I would like to get rid of my tv remote altogether and use one remote only. My TV remote has a dedicated netflix button.

I setup a Netflix Activity - which seems to work ok, except when I "Exit" Netflix using the Exit harmony button, it takes me back to watching TV on Virgin but the Harmony is still in TV mode, when it should be in Virgin Tivo mode. I guess I should leave Netflix by using the "Watch TV" activity but using that doesn't exit Netflix as it still sees everything as 'on'.

Next I tried to solve this by adding a dedicated Harmony button mapped to Netflix in my Watch Tv activity. Pressing it does bring up Netflix, however I cannot navigate round Netflix menus since the harmony remote is still in TiVo mode, when it should be in TV mode. So pretty much useless.

Finally, my TV has Amazon prime, but no dedicated Prime button. I could map a Harmony button to the TV "Home" button which brings up the smart menu where prime is located, I could then select Amazon BUT same problem as above, the Harmony is still in TiVo mode so it won't know to act as a TV remote.

Is there anyway to solve this issue?


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I'm new to the Harmony stuff myself only having set up my Elite in the last few days (and what a frustrating time it was).

For your setup don't you need to set up two sets of activities, one for 'Watch Netflix' to turn the TV on, soundbar on and select the Netflix app in the TV apps menu, then the other activity for 'Watch Virgin'. So when switching from Netflix to Virgin you use the activity button rather than 'Exit'.

I'm sure someone with more experience than me will com along soon to contradict what I said with more sage words.


Yes, use different Activities for different functions.

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