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New Harman Kardon receivers...look good!!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Nick CY, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Nick CY

    Nick CY

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    Has anybody seen the new range of Harman Kardon receivers? They are now offered with 7 channels instead of just 5 like they were in the past :smashin: From what I've been reading in different reviews and on this website, they are pretty damn good from all aspects - sound quality (good for music & not just movies), build quality, Logic7 technology etc. Has anybody here tried them yet? Here's a pic of what most new models look like more or less:


    Also the following was taken from the Harman Kardon website for the AVR430 model:

    AVR 430
    7 x 65W 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver

    The truth is in the numbers: a 32-bit post processor, RS-232 connectivity, a two-line LCD remote control, Logic 7, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS 96/24, a quadruple crossover with six crossover points per speaker location and more multiroom options than any other receiver, including A-BUS Ready connectivity. The AVR 430 is Harman Kardon to the core. You can count on big numbers from the seven-channel, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier, along with the ability to assign two of the channels to a second remote zone. No matter how you add it up, the AVR 430 delivers high performance.

    I'm thinking of getting this amp, the smaller AVR 330 (7 X 55W) or the AVR 230 (6 X 50W). As for speakers I was thinking of the Monitor Audio Bronze B4 (towers) for fronts, B2 for rears and B centre (from Bronze series again). As for the subwoofer, I might get that later. Do you think this would be a good combination?

    Thanks :cool:

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