New Harman Kardon AVR 255 looks interesting


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Yes, it seems well specced, but the power is a bit on the puny side at 7*50W :confused:

Perhaps they just quote a bit more honestly?


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AVR255's 7x50W is all channels driven (7.1). Usually amp power is marketed as one or two channels driven, and thus the figure is considerably higher.


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The first amp I ever owned was a HK. It seemed a reliable bit of kit,av100,I think it was called.

I was informed that HK was now owned by LG,this sort of put me off buying another. I wouldn't be put off by the power spec, I have a Naim amp 30w and it would blow you out of the room:D.

Funny though you dont see a lot of people on the forums discussing this make.


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Funny though you dont see a lot of people on the forums discussing this make.

I agree. I'm looking for an up-to-date spec and pre-outs. From my perspective the HK looks a better option than the Onkyo 705 (don't know about 706 yet, of course). Little else fits the bill at this price level (Yamaha 763?).


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Just phoned Harman and apparently this receiver and its sibling models (155 and 355) are not out yet. They may be next month. Oh well, gives me time to think about how to get it past the better half....


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HK have always published accurate power ratings, so don't let that put you off.

My AVR140 is only a puny 40wpc. However, it has more grunt than my old Sony STRDB790 which was 100wpc allegedly ;)

They're well made bits of kit - maybe a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Even the 140 (which was bottom of the range) is well built, heavy, and allows a good deal of tweaking via the OSD :smashin:

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