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New hard drive - Will it improve my performance on the OS / Apps?


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Currently got a SATA 7200.7 Seagate ST380817AS, and get a 119.4 burst speed read in HDTach. with a average read time of 48.4MB/s

It seems a bit sluggish when loading apps, lots of initial disc access (I have 2 gig memory and a P4 3 gig processor)


Is its full spec.

Would I see much an improvment if I got a SATA 7200.10 Seagate ST3320620AS Barracuda with 16meg cache ? (it has a 258.8Mb/s and a read time of 66.3MB/s in the results I have seen.


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Thats a decent drive, the only thing you'll improve with greater chache is multiple sequential reads...
The only reason you'll notice a difference is cos' you'd reinstall everything when you buy a new drive.
Really, not much difference at all,


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The only way to improve disk access speed is to buy a faster 10.000rpm HDD like a raptor (WD)
Or get a second HDD (same model) and use Raid 0.
If there is something wrong with the HDD your using then 2 new HDDs.

Best would be 2 10.000rpm HDDs in Raid 0.

In the near future we will start to see solid state HDDs made by samsung and such. These will be made up of RAM/Flash Ram or other non volatile ram.

The speed of these new drives will outperform any current HDD on the market. Including the Raptors in any RAID config.


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Seems a little extreme buying a new harddrive, just to get a little more performance out of it.


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I wouldn't bother as you aren't going to see that much difference I reckon. I personally would never implement a Raid 0 system as it just doubles the chances of losing all your HDD contents in my opinion - if 1 of the drives goes down you lose everything.

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