New GUY needing audio advice....!!


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Im not getting enough depth and detail from my denon 3803 into The acoustic Engergy Aelite 5.1 set up. What could i do with regards beefing up the sound without investing ££££s into a new amp. People have recommended i invest in a denon poa t10 power amp....will this help? and what other alternatives do i have?


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Check your cables, If you're using the cheap red/white phono leads which usually come with amps/dvd/cd player then I'd get a decent digital link for around £20. Also decent Speaker cable will make a difference for the sound quality.
Do you have all the speaer cables connected the right way. I mean Positive on the Amp to Positive on the speakers. Having one the wrong way round will cause the sound from that speaker to work against the others.
Check the surround settings on the Amp, do you have the speakers set to large/small. This will afect how much base is sent to the main speakers.
If it is more volume you're after then a bigger Amp is what you'd need.


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all the settings are fine in that sense! im running QED silver anniversary XT bi-wire to all three front channels and just the Silver Anniversary to the rears... i think i may just need a more powerful amp.. would a power amp make ANY difference?


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Yes, if it's more powerfull than you current amp. I've never used one myself so cant really offer any suggestions.


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Have you filled the aelite three's with dry sand? That will tighten the bass a lot. The opening for this is the at the bottom on the rear of the speaker. Don't accidentally drop anything into the other ports. :)

Just make sure the sand is dry though, just to be sure I baked mine in the oven for 4 hrs.. :) Don't want any moisture rotting the speakers from the inside.


When I had my Denon 3802 receiver I found adding an Arcam Alpha 8 amp made a big difference to the sound. I then upgrade to a second Arcam and biamped the speakers, and this also made a large difference.
In general I think that most receivers don't give the amp stage enough power to get the best sound. therefore bypasssing the internal amps and using external amps can often give a big improvement. Unless you find a multichannel amp at a good price I would suggest starting with the front L & R speakers and see what you think. You may even have an old HiFi amp or borrow one from a friend to try without spending any/too much money.



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I would second MarkE19's comments - I recently added a P7 and now only using the AVR350 as a pre-amp. The sound it produces now is much like that you decribe having a desire for.

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