New guy advice needed.


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Evening all,

Have a system that has sat with me for last 5 years;

Project debut carbon.
Ortofon 2m red.
Onkyo A-9155
Wharfdale diamond 9.1.
Sand filled unspiked stands on wooden floors (void under floor as old Victorian house).

Now, I don't know if my hearing is getting worse or not but my system has always sounded a bit muddy, mid,high sounds fine, bass is not clear at all really but more soft rumble that punchy drum.

Any advice welcomed.



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I think that you have 2 Problems:
1. Your speakers, the Diamond 9.1 like their predecessors the Diamond 9.0s really struggle to develop any real low end bass.
2. Having them on unspiked stands, your whole wooden floor is acting like a giant passive amplifier, for low frequencies, which are already struggling.

I would suggest that as a first port of call, try the Diamonds on spikes stands, before doing anything else. This won’t make them develop any more bass, but will limit what is being transmitted through your floor.


Not the best speakers for bass, can be slow and somewhat ponderous. No doubt positioning and isolation could add to the problem. As above try spikes or some granite slabs if the spikes are in danger of damaging the floor.
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