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Jun 21, 2001
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Just being doing a bit of reasearch on new graphics cards, at the moment i have a radeon ati ve card which i am very pleased with but i like many of u are searching to better our systems.I also use the theater tek player which again is out there on its own imho.

I was originally looking to buy the new radeon 9000 purley for dvd playback i dont play games but it would appear that the new catalyst driver for the radeon products break the h/w acceratator on the tt player and as yet there is no fix, so do i wait and see wot happends or do i go for a 7200 or 7500 with the older drivers available hmm i dont know.

There are the matrox products available which seem expensive but they are suppose to be top dog, again i dont really know much about them (jeff mentioned something about testing them some time ago but as yet i havent seen the results.

If money is no object the is a chap who has developed a new mod for radeon cards which looks very good, rather than using the vga output there is a back plate with 5 bnc plugs, meaning that some of us out there that can connect direct bnc htpc to bnc pj there is no loss of signal but thats $350+ and shipping your card backwards and forwards.

I dont know really wot to do for the best, its got to the stage now where the cinema is now totally finished and im moving on to get the best possible picture and that mean new video cards.

is anyone else in the same boat, i would appreciate any thoughts, advise or comments .


Hi Richard,

In theroy the Radeon VE is a slightly inferior card but whether or not you would see a difference with one of the other Radeons is debateable. If you have something that works and you are fairly happy with it you should probably stick with what you have until the next must have video card comes out. There is no sign of it yet.


PS I have a spare 7200 that I can let you have for £30 if you really want to try something else.
Hi Jeff
hows the 1209 doing? the 7200 you have for £30.00 if i could have it for £25.00 then i would be interested, if not i think i will hang on a bit untill some reviews start coming in for the 9x00 range, my htpc is quite stable so no point in messing about too much.Have you had any time to test the matrox video cards as yet or will u now not be bothering now u have your sdi modded player (hows that going ) thinking of going that route in the furture

If the price for the 7200 is ok i will send u my details

take care

Fatrich Tea Biscuit,

My Radeon 9000 fanless is here so I'll be playing with that. Will let you know how I get on.

Everyones after a bargain, what the hell, its yours for £25.

The noise from the US is that the Matrox isn't prime time yet. For my application the Radeon 8500 suites me down to the ground. The 1209s is going well, I have some issues with the refurbed green tube, that is getting replaced by Roland tomorrow evening. The SDI player and DScaler capture card combo is brilliant, the colours and smootness are so much better than you get with even the best software players. The other benefit is that I no longer feel the need to tweak, its perfect the way it is. :)
did you get my message? asking for your details



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