New graphics card to PJ & TV - what are my options?

Greg Zepplin

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At the moment I'm just using the onboard VGA to my PJ and seriously clocking up the hours on the bulb, to use it with my telly I have to change the resolution and fiddle with cables so I'm looking for a simpler and better solution.

My motherboard has a spare PCI-e slot and I'm thinking of getting a new graphics card. Are there cards out there with two DVI/HDMI ports that I could run one at 720p and one at 1080p? Or a maybe one DVI/HDMI 720p and a vga?

All I use the PC for is internet, music and iplayer so I don't think an all singing, all dancing model is necessary.

Mobo is Asus k8s-mx.

Any suggestions for a suitable card?

TIA :)


Distinguished Member
Yeah, most graphics cards have two ports now and all of those that do will handle two screens independantly (so you can use seperate resolutions).

What form factor is the PCI-E slot you've got? PCI-E 1x or PCI-E 16x?

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