New gpu to replace 295gtx


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HI i am looking for a replacement

for my 295GTX its the twin gpu version .....

whats the current replacement for it ATM.......

i tired my mates ATI 6950 asus 2GB version was not that impressed it scored less in 3Dmark Advantgage

any help of adivce would be great...

or will i need to go cross fire or sli to beat this card atm thanks


according to tom's hardware the 295 is up there with some of the top cards

Of course us 295 owners are missing out on Direct X 10.1 upwards which is probably why it can still hold its own in most recent games

I think to get a worth the cash improvement we need to wait for the Nvidia 600 or AMD 7000 series.

I think you can pick up cheap 295s on ebay but then you have quad sli to compete with which will not be fun

Next purchase I'm going for the fastest single card I can afford


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When are the new cards out from reviews only improvement would be 580gtx or 590 lol

Quad setup would be too hot too run I
Think heat lol

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