New GPU for old Core2Quad motherboard ([email protected] content)


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I've got the following old machine.

Abit IP35 Pro(Intel P35-ICH9R) running a Core2 Quad Q9550
The machine is fine for what it does..... its just a old desktop that I have no intention of upgrading or revamping.

The graphics card is a Radeon 5400 (PCI Express 2.0 x 16)

I'm come to editing some 4k videos off my iPhone X for the kids school project today and playback is choppy.
Task manager suggests its CPU bound, so no offloading to the GPU looks to be happening.

I can play [email protected] videos on the graphics card no problems..... they seem to offload fine with low CPU.

So what is the minimum sort of graphic card i'd need to look for to be able to offload AVC [email protected] codecs?

Just something cheap. I'll probably look for something second hand if I know what era and above to shoot for.

I don't think this is a codec issue, I just think the graphics card isn't up to the job.

Its donkeys years since I built and HTPC or PC in general..... so well out of it when it comes to graphics card capabilities.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


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I've never found a decent list on the limitations for Quicksync/Purvideo/UVD but from what I can see it appears to be GCN3 and newer on the AMD side and the GF119 and Kepler and newer on the nVidia side.

Skylake and newer for Intel CPUs will also do it

That's playback, for encoding you'd typically need something slightly newer. Also, most 4K sources use HEVC or VP9 rather than H.264 which also needs a newer chip.


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Thanks for that..... appreciate it.

I probably only need a cheap GT710 or something similar by the looks of it.
I'd invest in a new PC if wanted anything more substantial.

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