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Hi all, I'm intending on purchasing a hot tub for my garden and pairing it with a projector to show film in the garden. Can anyone give me some tips or recommendations for this. I understand I will need a decent projector, my max budget for this is £1000. I will need a screen, I'm unsure of the budget for this.

I will need to setup the projector from the kitchen which has a decent Wi-Fi range . I will most likely be streaming movies direct from my phone. Is this possible and easy to do from modern projectors(never owned one) using Netflix etc. My intention is to setup a projector from my kitchen table aiming out of my double patio doors to a white screen I have set up right in the garden. Possibly I am able to hang a screen from my washing line but this would be ad lib and not preferable.

Basically I just need a decent quality projector that I can setup fro my kitchen with wi fitted and that I can stream content to(I have no clue) and a large free standing white screen that can be used In the garden.

Thanks in advance ppl for any tips and info sorry if this is In the wrong forum

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Why a Projector?

A large LCD screen is likely a more practical solution - either a permanent fix (in a weather proof box) or something you 'roll out' on a trolley stand or hang on a pre fixed bracket.

Budget Projectors tend to have a short or medium throw lens so knowing how far you wish to project an image from and how large an image you wish to project is crucial in the planning stage.

Wires are always better than WiFi - especially if you are planning to stream a video signal.

Your phone can control a Streaming device which is hard wired to the Projector rather than trying to actually 'play' and stream content from the phone.

If you live in the UK your annual usage of an outdoor Cinema is likely to be pretty restrictive so some form of temp cinema is likely your best option.

Large Free Standing Screens require little or no wind - again not that practical unless you can bolt it in place.

DIY screen - there are lots of online guides for creating a screen out of plastic pipe and various surfaces you can stretch over the pipes to give you an 'easy' erect/dismantle screen.

Site plan - would be good to see the layout and or some pics to give folk a better idea of what is feasible.



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Wouldn't bother! After 1/2hr in a hot tub you'll be like a prune and the noise of the pumps will mean you'll have to have it at deafening volume to hear the film. I speak from experience!

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