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glasgow boy

I'm looking for new front and centre speakers for around £100 each to mount either side and below a 37" plasma. Would like these to be silver, wall mounted, similar in shape/style to the yamaha NS-P110 (see image).

I've got Tannoy FX5.1's which I'm using as the rears but I'm finding it difficult to get any to match these and in the style I want. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




The rear speakers mean the least in this setup so I wouldn't worry much about the outcome. BTW, what is the price difference between buying 2 fronts+center+subwoofer against buying the whole deal?


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How much did you spend on your 37" plasma screen? Don't you think your speaker budget is a little out of proportion?


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I would recommend second hand, as you get superb performance Vs Price. You'll not get a lot brand new for you budget


glasgow boy

Sorry, not managed to get on the site for a while.

Spending approx £1,500 to £2,000 on either a Panasonic Viera either 32" LCD or a 37" Plasma and thinking of going with B&W VM1's fronts and centre at £150 each from local retailer.

I'm keeping my Tannoy rears and Tannoy sub. I've been quite happy with the FX5.1's, that were £250 for the whole 5.1 package a couple of years ago, so didn't plan/expect to spend much more that £300 for the 3 new front speakers.

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