New front 3 to replace eltax and mission


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Hi Guys

I'm planning some system upgrades over the next couple of months. I'm pretty sure I'm going to replace the Eltax HT2 centre and I think the SVS SCS-01 is looking like the one I'm going to go for. I'm just wondering whether I'll benefit from swapping out my existing mission 701s for a pair SBS-01s to match the centre? How will they compare to the missions and is it likely that I'd notice the difference for having a matching 3 across the front? I think I'm going to keep the bipolar Eltax HT2 surrounds for now as I like effect they create.

Unfortunately I very much doubt I'd be able to get down south to demo the SVS speakers (I'm in Chesterfield) so I'm kinda going on the glowing reviews from this forum (stood me well for my monolith).

I'm planning on upgrading my amp to a denon 1909 I think.

Lay your wisdom upon me.


edit: Have just been continuing my research and found a thread with someone asking about matching a centre to their 701s and people have suggested a few of the other mission centres, does anyone have an opinion on mission centres vs SCS-01? Should I perhaps look to a mission centre instead?
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