New Freeview/Freesat TV + PVR but no aerial


Hi all

Excuse a potentially very stupid question but I'm technically hopeless. I have researched but quite frankly I'm ending up more confused than ever!

I currently have TV via Virgin Media with a TiVo. However, I'm about to dump Virgin and not sure where to start with buying replacements. I need a new TV anyway but will also need a PVR to replace the TiVo. The Humax FVP500-T seems to be highly recommended.

The big 'but' in all this is that I have no outside aerial (I'm planning to move house soonish so don't want to go to the expense of having one installed). So if I buy a TV with built in Freeview and/or Freesat, will I actually be able to watch anything, and will the PVR be compatible and be able to record from the TV?

Thank you for any help.


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You could try an indoor aerial but if you can't get signal then the simple answer is no. Have you arranged an alternative internet provider? As there's plenty of streaming options.


Thanks for replying. I haven't got an alternative internet provider as yet (currently looking at options available) so may just have to stream! I did look at firesticks etc but that just added to my confusion quite frankly.


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No aerial or dish then no signal to receive anything.
If you switch to BT they have an option to install an aerial that was really cheap.

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