New Freeview box messing up pictures

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by lostinspace, Feb 7, 2005.

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    I'm having truble with my kit,so can anyone help?
    Aeriel into Freeview,then to DVD recorder,then to VCR then to TV.
    Panasonic DVD recorder with Freeview connected via good quality scart,and DVD rec into TV via good quality scart.VCR connected to TV via scart.
    DVD/Freeview scarted to scart2,because if it's into scart 1 I can't watch anything other than what's coming via scart 1-about 25% of the picture rolls horizontally to the right accompanied by thick black bars(RGB problems?)
    TV pictures show vertical interference lines whether Freeview box is on or off,unless digibox is moved backwards out of the vertical plane of the TV screen,when they become less pronounced or disappear altogether.
    Is the digibox faulty?Every time a light is switched on,or the heating boiler clicks on etc,the digital picture blocks up for a second and then clears-can I stop this happening by using a special mains block of some kind?
    If I put the digibox on a shelf below the amp(CA540r),would the amp screen the interference on picture out?
    Please help,my sanity depends on it!

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