New Freesat Box to feature backwards scrollable EPG

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    Humax Freesat+ Free Time product to go toe to toe with YouView Box

    The upcoming Freesat Box from Humax is to feature a 'backwards scrollable' Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which will allow users to select on-demand content from the catch-up services of BBC, ITV an 4 on Demand. Channel 5's player, Demand 5, will follow before the end of year.

    The new offering will mean the Freesat platform will pretty much possess the same functionalities present in the first box produced for the YouView platform, the IPTV service just launched under the stewardship of Alan Sugar.

    The 'Free Time' function, which was labelled 'Scrollback TV' in the YouView Humax DTR-T1000 unit we recently reviewed was one of the best bits about the box, which we felt was a little hampered by its limiting PVR functionalities; but as Humax will be producing the software for the new Freesat product, we'd guess it won't be stifled by the same limitations.


    The Humax Freesat+ Free Time box will launch by the end of September, priced at £279 - £20 less than the YouView Box's suggested retail price.

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