New external HDD for MAC - LaCie D2Quadra 1TB


I've just bought the above as with it being for my business I've been able to get it at a great price plus added to my overall warranty covering my iMAC, iPAD2 etc...

Anyways managed to get it up & running as it kept kicking up that powered devices cannot be run error (an issue with LION apparently but managed to sort that after googling the error etc...)

What I'm struggling with now is moving the old back-ups fro my Seagate 500GB USB external HDD to the LaCie; it keeps saying 'The volume has the wrong case sensitivity for a backup.'

Any suggestions or do I not need to keep these back-ups as it's currently doing one now to the new LaCie as I've dedicated that as my TimeMachine and will be using the Seagate 500GB one just for iTunes



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Depends if you want access to the various versions of your files, or happy to start afresh? Just keep the other backups until your first new one is complete and verified as working!


Cheers for that

It's backing up nicely so I've just deleted the older back-ups as nothing really has changed since they were done

Still not used to using a MAC after so many years using PC's and MS...

MAC's are massively better :smashin:


Now another issue:

've bought a LaCie 1TB external HDD to act as my time machine and extra storage where needed

I have it connected via FireWire and set-it up yesterday as 2 partitions (500GB each) with the Time Machine directed to back-up to the 'back-ups' section. It worked fine...

However when I've turned the Mac on this morning I received this error: "A disk you are backing up is case-sensitive, but the backup disk is not. Latest successful backup: 08/12/2011 at 21:17".

I've re-started the Mac and tried the back-up again but it came up with the same message.

As far as I can see the partions are not case-sensitive; they're journled.



Ah... Seemed to have fixed it. For some reason it didnt like my Seagate USB external HDD; unplugged that and all is fine... Hmmm

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