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New expansion cards for Pio MXE1

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Mantorok, May 24, 2005.

  1. Mantorok


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    Over the last 2 days (24-25 May) there's been a Pioneer trade show here in Melbourne Australia. The show included 4 new expansion cards that will be available for the MXE1 range of plasmas. These are:

    1. New IP Link Plasma Communication Card by Extron
    2. HD-SDI Input card by Alcorn McBride
    3. Video over Cat 5 card by Magenta
    4. 4 port HDMI input card by Key Digital

    The last one is the one that interests me the most.

    The following is a quote from a professional calibrator:
    Unfortunately I couldn't attend the show to see these new cards in person but I'm trying to find out a bit more and will post the details here when/if I can. If anyone else has any details on these cards please post here too.

    I'm guessing the Key Digital card is the HD Explorer
  2. m_j_s

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    Nov 9, 2004
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    I went to this demo as I was quite interested in the HDMI board (Key Digital HD Explorer as mentioned by Mantorok). The board is scheduled to be generally available in August.

    It was fitted to a calibrated 43MXE1 with input from a Pio 969 DVD player (not sure if the model number is the same in the UK, but its the top of the range Pio with HDMI output).

    Some test patterns and video scenes from the DVE test disc were shown and compared to a calibrated 43MXE1 with 969 input via component and an uncalibrated 43MXE1 with 969 input via component. In short, the HDMI board performed impressively. I was particularly taken with the pluge pattern where the 2% and 5% above black bands were very distinct and had absolutely no video noise compared with the other panels using the standard input boards (5003 or 5004, not sure which). Other video footage from the DVD was also very impressive.

    There was one glitch in that the board was only working with a 60Hz vert refresh rate. Apparently a few final mods are being made to the board and 50Hz wasn't working for this particular example, although a previous production version of the same board was working at 50Hz at an earlier demo in Sydney 4 weeks ago. I guess at least it exists, which is more than you can say for some other promised boards.

    So, its definitely on the shopping list in a couple of months.

    On other thing of interest with Pioneer in Australia at present is they offer a free ISF calibration with every panel (domestic, eg 505, or commercial, eg MXE1). Some time was spent at this demo illustrating the benefits of this calibration (hence the calibrated and un-calibrated 43MXE1's).

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