New Epson TW10H


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I've been drooling over this projector for a while. It seems to have a telephoto option that means it may be practical for my room. I need to mount the PJ on a wall about 4.5 metres from the intended screen position so I can use my existing sound system and hang/stand a screen in front of the TV.

I've tried using the Epson Projection Distance calculator application - with a 450cm throw on telephoto you get a 91"/231cm wide image so I guess the screen wouldn't be that useful. I also have a beer fridge.

Can you confirm that there is a telephoto lens mode (or whatever) and my throw calculations are accurate?
Could you do a discount for just the projector?

Please use PM if you don't want to put a price in the thread.

Thanks in a advance.


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Sorry Andy, the offer has been arranged through Epson so it's the lot or nothing i'm afraid!! You could always stick another beer fridge under your desk ;) and keep the 60" screen at the end of the bed....

Regarding the throw - the TW10 lens is 1-1.54 : 1 (TW10H should be same) meaning it will project from a distance of between 1 and 1.54 times the screen width. 450cm distance works out a screen width of 292cm -> 450cm (almost 10ft min!). Sounds like you're gonna need to be closer... perhaps project from the coffee table (then you can take it to bed and project onto the 60" screen!!!!)
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