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Hello there

My Sennheiser MX500s are now consigned to the bin as the volume control literally melted while I was on holiday.

What to replace them with?

Should I go for the Sennheiser MX550s or the CX300s? The CX300s appear to offer better sound quality but I've read mixed reviews. The volume control on the 550s is a fantastic addition which I found extremely useful on my 500s and appears to be absent on the 300s.

I don't want to pay any more than about £25 so don't give me the old 'Shure' line.

Anyone used the 550s and the 300s? Advice needed!



Yes I've used both. The CX's are clearly better. They actually have bass for a start, and actually some isolation.

You might want to look in to the Creative EP630 if you are on a tight budget though, as you will get much of the sound quality as the CX's.

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