New earphones very low through mobile phone


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I bought some new earphones today, after I lost the set that came with my SE w850i mobile phone. I opted for some VModa Vibes since I had read a couple of decent reviews for them online, tested them through my sisters Zen MP3 player and they sound all sorts of awesome, really happy with them.

But, when I connect them to my mobile phone the sound is extremely low, at max volume it is comparable to 1/4 volume on the Zen. I gave my I-pod away when I got the SE phone since I was really happy with the MP3 playback, so the mobile is the only thing I have to use for music when I am out and about.

Anybody know the cause of why the playback is so low? And whether there could be a possible solution to make the volume go higher?

Im hoping this wont be £65 down the drain :(

Thanks for reading,

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