New Earphones for a Max budget £200


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Hi All

I have a ipod and recorded songs at apple lossless. I am always listening to music (mainly dance, DnB) I sometimes listed to pop/chart music. I also thought it would be handy to mention I have small ear canals.

I was looking at the over ear ones but unfortunatly I sweat quite a bit and over ears will be too unconfortable.

I am used to in ears now. There is a vast choice out there at the mo.

Shure se 215
B&W C5
Klipsch X10i

Blah Blah

The above are just a few that I have seen online. I did try the Klipsch and they were lovely but the knocking of the lead on my clothes when walking spoilt the experience.

I have also looked at the Shure 535 which are nothing short of a fortune (in my wage) I was just wondering is the difference between the 215 and the 535 really £250 worth?

Please help. The issue is that you cant try these in the shops really as they are in ear etc.

Any ideas?


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I have a pair of Denon AH-C751 and am very pleased with them. Nicely balanced sound and cable really is non-tangle. Once you get them fitted correctly the bass is superb and nice clean top end. You can adjust the size for ear canals by using different size buds, I have one small and one medium. Have a look at a famous auction site as there are some for sale BNIB.
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I've had my Shure 425's for over a year now and still love them. Excellent sound isolation and very little cable rub noise. They offer a fairly neutral sound balance with lots of detail so if you are used to boom 'n tizz they might not be for you.


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Cheers guys there is just so many out there like Sennheiser ie8 and ie 80s etc.

Maybe I will try get to a John Lewis as they a good shop I think


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If you think that the cable noise is bad from the klipsch you won't like the shure's cable.

The Klipsch can be had for a more reasonable £160 ish on amazon if you are prepared to wait incidentally.

The ie8's and ie80's are basically the same headphone fwiw.


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Anyupdate, what did you buy.

I'm looking to spend £100 on earphones. Looking in what hi-fi the Grado IGI's get a decent review.


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If you think that the cable noise is bad from the klipsch you won't like the shure's cable.
Do not get any cable noise from my Shure 535

For £200 the best IEM is probably the Westone UM2, although I need some sit-down time with budget Phonaks and evaluate


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Try the UE triple-FI 10's. I paid €150 Amazon Germany. RRP €300.
3drivers. Awesome sound. Replaceable/upgradable cable.


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