New E500's: interest check


I'm looking at getting some E500's through a US relative who is visiting.
If anyone here wants to purchase any, let me know. Price will be about £300 after all expenses thrown in.

PM me if you are interested.


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You will be able to but these direct from USA for @ 399.99/USD (210/GBP) - ignore the price displayed @ 499/USD, click the link for 'special' prices to see real price

& on who advised me they hope to sell for 360/USD (190/GBP) - not listed in stock yet..
* bought E4C previously from them, very good/efficient to deal with and you get real replies to any queries, as opposed to preformatted templates etc + they allow you to rtn them if not happy with sound quality for a small restocking fee - can't go wrong.:smashin:

50% saving against your expected price; if you have the patience, which is always hard when you decide to buy something, or for me at least:rotfl:


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Remember though that US dealers are not supposed to sell outside their territory so getting a good deal outside the US is harder than that.

And of course there is the dreaded customs, admin and vat to be added - hence the UK prices for these being the same UK ripoff as the Grado headphone prices in thr UK.



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Shure aren't allowing authorised distributors to ship outside of the US, only locallly.
Flavio_T has said as much, there's a thread about it here.

Here is Flavio_T's comment on the situation (Flavio is the owner/proprietor of EarphoneSolutions.)

The same rules apply to all authorised distributors, including DiscountedHeadphones, which is Paul @ iDealSound.

There are ways around this if you have friends or relatives in the USA, but direct shipping will only be undertaken by non-authorised dealers, and you'll void your warranty that way, which isn't really worth it on a pair of cans this expensive, if you ask me.

Still, you pays your money and you takes your choice. Just thought I'd point out a few things worth knowing. :smashin:


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Hi Guys,

I got my Shure E4C shipped by discountheadphones without any questions etc, I was not charged customs/excise however perhaps I was just lucky & it slipped through etc

I can only assume Shure implemented this policy after the period I rec'd my E4C; as discountheadphones are listed as authorised dealer etc

One step backwards in our so called global market, but hey nothing new is it?.:devil: just a shame the consumer loses out.


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There's a fair degree of people accusing the regional distributors of profiteering. I've bought E2s, E3s and E5s from these places before, but it seems to have happened once the E500 came out. The whole thread on Head-Fi raises these points, but you're welcome to try your luck ordering anyway.

Shure did honour pre-orders as customers weren't forewarned, but orders going forward will, supposedly, be rejected if they're outside of designated territory.
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