New DVD writer?


I'm thinking of buying a new DVD writer and was going to buy the Lite-on 812. But now the new 832 which is dual layer has come out.

So does anyone have any info on said drive or any other writer i should concider.

You may want to head over to these sites and check out some of the reviews:


The first one has a review of the new LiteOn 812S drive you mentioned. I’ve recently bought a DVD writer myself – the Pioneer A07XLA. It’ been pretty good so far. I’m surprised at how quiet it is during operation. The reason why I didn’t wait for dual layer is because:

- the technology is relatively new and won't have matured like single layer technology
- the drive will be more expensive
- the cost of media will be high
- the burn speeds will be limited to 2.4x
- I have no real need for it

Also burn speeds are expected to hit 16x this year (for DVD+R). Again I would be a little hesitant about buying these drives when first released. I know Plextor have limited the speed of their upcoming drive to 12x because they couldn’t guarantee the burn quality at higher speeds (even though the chip could support it!).

Anyway, have a read through the reviews and scan the forums and see what best fits your needs. This is where I bought my drive from:


They are very good in terms of price and if you look in the DVD section you'll see that each disc has its manufacturing code listed. After reading the the reviews, you'll be able to see what media performs best with the drive (in my case discs made by Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemicals) and then identity what brand sells these discs.

Anyway, hope that helps.

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